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  1. Does the applicant need to submit different on-line application forms if he/she wishes to apply more than one job at the same

    Yes. The applicant needs to re-submit the application again if he/she wishes to apply more than one job at the same time.

  2. Can the applicant save the application data for future use?
    If the applicant cannot complete the whole application, he/she can click “save” button to save the input. The data can be retrieved again when the applicant logins the system with his/her email address for continuation of the application.

  3. How does the applicant know that if application is successfully submitted?
    Once the applicant submits the application, a “confirmation” screen will prompt out. The applicant will also receive an acknowledgment email
    after the application is submitted successfully.

  4. Can the applicant amend the application data or provide supplementary information after submission of application?
    If the applicant wants to amend the application data or provide supplementary information, he/she is required to submit the application again.

  5. For correction of or access to personal data, or enquiring about recruitment matters, which department should the applicant

    For enquiry regarding recruitment matters, please contact the Human Resources Division of Urban Renewal Authority via
    email to hrinquiry@mail1.ura.org.hk

  6. What are the required configurations for using this online job applications system?
    The system can be ran on:

    Operating System:

    Microsoft Windows XP, Microsoft Windows Vista, Microsoft Windows 7, Microsoft Windows 8
    Microsoft Internet Explorer 8.0 or above
    Google Chrome
    Mozilla Firefox 3.0 or above
    Apple Safari 5.0 or above